DRONE SOLUTIONS was founded by two professionals in the construction engineering and mechanical engineering sectors, with the objective to provide enhanced surveying solutions by means of all new innovative cutting edge technology.

Providing innovative and cutting edge solutions with a highly professional and knowledgeable approach is the company’s mission, hence the use of UAVs (drones).

In order to provide an exhaustive response to any customer need we can rely on a full range of remote unmanned vehicles to support our activity: UAV (aerial drone), UUV (underwater drone) and UGV (ground drone).

Both our company together with its staff are all registered with ENAC Ref.No.: 6188. We are certified to provide the highest professional service in complete safety and we are fully insured against third party liability.

The use of professional drones combined with the latest equipment allows us to deploy the best technical solution for the job.


Main activities:

icon-logo  Aerial, underwater and land inspections

icon-logo  Surveys, aerial photography and topography

icon-logo  Thermographic analysis