This UAV is especially designed for professional high standard aerial photography and able to carry any type of equipment.

High technology design and efficient control systems, ensure exceptional stability and safety.

More specifically the SKY 1000 is also equipped with a flight termination system, as regulated and required by ENAC, for deployment in "critical conditions".

In order to provide the highest quality results, we use the SKY 1000 in two different accessory configurations:

the first with a PANASONIC GH4 camera with a 12mm ZUIKO lens, for surveys, aerial photogrammetry as well as inspections and aerial photography;

the second with an FLIR A35 and a GO PRO HERO 4, mounted in parallel for thermal imaging;

Octacottero Sky 1000
Quadricottero Phantom


This professional quadcopter is equipped with a stabilized 12 Mpixels camera that shoots videos in 4K.

The compact design and ultrasonic sensors make this UAV very stable and easy to fly indoors or in absence of a GPS signal

Thanks to the software at our disposal and the high quality on-board camera, it can be used for small surveys or aerophotogrammetry.

This UAV can also used in combination with the OCTOCOPTER for preliminary inspections and risk assessment.


This drone is an Italian built 4×4 drive UGV wheels with independent suspension, which can handle rough terrain and overcome all kinds of obstacle.


It is ideal for inspections of “unstable” areas, i.e. affected by landslides or not accessible because dangerous. It can also be used for large equipment inspection or the inspection of industrial sites.


It can be equipped with a range of cameras depending, on the photographic requirements, as well as a robot arm for sample retrieval.

Drone Rover 4WD
Drone OpenRov 2.8


The Underwater ROV is produced in the USA by OPENROV, a leading manufacturer of unmanned underwater vehicles.


It can reach a maximum depth of 100 m and has an autonomy of 50 minutes which allows ample time for all manner of inspections.


Equipped with a HD camera and led lights for deep underwater video recordings, this drone is ideal for underwater shoots and structural inspections.